Photography Locations on the Northern Beaches

We are blessed on the Northern Beaches with so many beautiful locations to choose from. There is an amazing selection of incredible beaches, bushland areas, and parks throughout the beaches.

Some areas lend themselves to sunrise or sunset session so if you have a particular location that you love we can organise the session timing to suit that location. Let me know if you would like some help selecting a location. Some areas that I love photographing at are Curl Curl Beach, Freshwater Beach, Manly Dam, Narrabeen Lake, Little Manly, Fairlight and Palm Beach.

#1 Curl Curl Beach

Curl Curl Beach is a gorgeous location for a photography session, alongside the beautiful expansive. beach, there are beautiful sand dunes, and the ocean pool areas on both the North and South ends of the beach. It lends its self well for both Sunrise and Sunset sessions and there is even a couple of cafes nearby for post-photography shoot ice creams for the children. Parking is also very easy and it's often quieter than its neighbouring Freshwater.

#2 Freshwater Beach

Freshwater beach has to be my favourite beach, as it's also my local. We have the gorgeous beach with lovely sand dunes and the rock platform area by the swimming pool which is perfect for sunset as we can photograph backlit with the sea and beach behind. Sunrise is also so special at Freshwater. There are lots of rockpools to explore and I love it at low tide. The headland and boardwalk between Freshwater and Curl Curl is also perfect for photos :)

#3 Turimetta Beach

This is such a beautiful beach with a lovely rock platform area and gorgeous shale cliffs above. So many incredible backdrops and areas to capture photos, I especially love it for sunrise sessions. It isn't as easy to get to as you need to walk down to it, but its worth the extra effort.

#4 Palm Beach

Palm Beach is a stunning location for both sunrise and sunset. It's so versatile because you have the harbour and ocean sides of the beach, which means you can always have a water backdrop no matter if it's sunrise or sunset. There are so many beautiful backdrops for photos. If you are feeling adventurous there is also the walk up to the lighthouse area with the amazing backdrop of Palm Beach.

#5 Narrabeen Lake

The lake is such a lovely spot for a photo session, as you have the best of both worlds with gorgeous trees as a backdrop and the lake. There are lots of lovely locations along the lakeside with both beach settings and plenty of trees. The track is also wonderful for cycling & scooting photos of the kids.

#6 Little Manly

I love Little Manly as it's a beautiful location for late afternoon in mid-summer. There are plenty of trees for shade and so many lovely backdrops and views over the harbour.