How To Prepare For Your Newborn Photography Session.

Your Photography Session

Thank you so much for choosing me to be your newborn photographer :) I am really excited to take some beautiful photographs of your newest bundle of joy and your family.

In this guide you will find all the details of what to expect, both from our session together and from the delivery of your images afterwards, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Your session will begin with me getting to know everyone and your personalities so we can capture your family's story.

I will send you a questionnaire to complete prior to the session, this just gives me all the details I need to get the most from our session together and also helps me focus the time we have on capturing the photos you will treasure.

My style of photography is very relaxed, candid and natural, as I feel the best images are taken when your family is less aware of the camera. It will be such a sweet session as I capture your family’s story. But we of course, will get some more formal portraits for you as well.

What To Wear For Your Photography Session?

Selecting the outfits for your session can feel a little daunting, but don’t worry, this guide will help make the process a breeze. The most important thing is that you all feel comfortable and relaxed.

In general, you will get the most from your photography session if you choose a complementary style / colour palette for your family to wear. I don’t recommend all matching outfits exactly, its much better to use complementary outfit choices.

Outfits are such personal choices, there is not a right or wrong answer here, its really what makes you all feel good, comfortable and relaxed. Have fun with it! Use Pinterest for some inspiration too, I have created an inspiration board here that you are welcome to view here, where I save outfit ideas and colour palettes that I think look beautiful.

Your Outfit..

Start with your outfit first, as its much easier

to coordinate the other outfits around

this choice.

The most important thing is to choose an outfit that makes you feel beautiful.

Dresses and skirts are always lovely for photography as the movement of the material creates some gorgeous photos when you twirl or the wind blows (if you are outdoors). Also think about an outfit that is breastfeeding friendly too, so you can stop to feed your baby mid session if you need to.

Don't worry about shoes, barefoot is almost always best for beach sessions and home based sessions.

Baby Outfits...

Using the colours of your outfit, then

organise your babies outfits, pull

some colours f rom your outfit, to use in the

baby's outfits, so that they compliment

each other.

Knitted rompers, neutral coloured onesies, booties, knitted hats, and sets are always gorgeous for photography.

With babies, it's always lovely to have a nappy cover under any dresses or also to use just over a nappy for some photos so that we don’t get any photos of the nappy in show.

Having a knitted baby blanket and a variety of wraps is also lovely for newborn sessions.

Make sure your baby is comfortable and have a couple of layers in case they get hot or cold as we want to ensure they feel happy.

Other Outfits...

Then move onto any other outfits. If you

have a partner a simple white t-shirt or

shirts & chinos or neutral, navy, brown shorts

is always an easy option.

I usually recommend not having everyone match each other, it always looks amazing when the outfits complement each other, rather than entirely match, but its such a personal preference, please do what's right for you.

I can also recommend Mama Rentals

for beautiful dress hire.

What To Bring Or How To Prepare For A Newborn Session...

Here is a list of things I recommend that you bring so that the session can run

smoothly and so that you are all are happy and relaxed....


  1. A neutral / coordinated picnic blanket for some of the seated portrait photos
  2. For your baby, I recommend two changes of outfit for the session. If you would like to have some photos of your baby in just a nappy, then I recommend a nappy cover so that we can get all those beautiful details without seeing the nappy brand logos
  3. Blankets and extra laters for your baby and other kids too incase it gets cold.
  4. A small selection of toys that your baby loves that will look lovely in your photos
  5. A face cloth / wipes / tissues for any quick clean up during our sessions.
  6. Water, snacks and sun cream in case you need it
  7. Also bring any other objects or items that really tell your families story.


  1. Have one bedroom clean and tidy avaliablie; the one that has the best natural light through the windows, and have neutral or white coloured sheets on the bed.
  2. Gather together some different baby blankets and wraps to use in the session
  3. Any special teddies or sentimental items that you would like captured
  4. Prepare your lounge area, so it is tidy and uncluttered so we can use that area in the photos
  5. If you have a garden, outdoor area or park across the road, we can use this too.
  6. For your baby, I recommend two changes of outfit for the session. If you would like to have some photos of your baby in just a nappy, then I recommend a nappy cover so that we can get all those beautiful details without seeing the nappy brand logos.

At Home or Outdoors?

One of the questions I get asked often is; 'should I have my session outdoors or at home?' The answer is of course, there are great pros to both at home or outdoor sessions with your newest member of the family.

Having your newborn session captured in your home can often be easier as you have everything you need at hand, no need to leave the house and we can do it at any time of the day so you don't need to wait until sunrise/sunset session is available. At home sessions are also easier for you and your baby as we don't have to worry about the weathers conditions; so there are no worries about getting hot /cold etc.

However in saying this I also LOVE capturing a newborn outdoors on the beach. These are always gorgeous as we shoot in the beautiful sunrise or sunset lighting which we call 'golden hour'. They are especially great if you and your family have a connection to the beach, if you have other kids in the session as it is easy to keep them entertained and to get a range of different backdrops. We do need to be mindful of the weather conditions however my outdoor newborn sessions can also be shorter. I tend to only shoot for an hour at the home based sessions; don't worry though I promise we still capture just as many precious moments.

If you have any questions about where you'd like to shoot please reach out to me, I am always here to help.

See You At Your Session...

I can't wait to tell your story

I am so excited to capture some beautiful photos of you and your family together. If you have any
questions feel free to reach out by email or you are welcome to call me.

Thanks so much