How To Prepare For A Branding Session.

Let's Tell Your Brand's Story...

Thank you so much for choosing me to be your branding photographer. I am really excited to take some beautiful and engaging photographs for your business.

In this guide you will find all the details of what to expect, both from our session together and from the delivery of your images afterwards, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

I will work with you between now and our session date to brainstorm and create a mood board and also work on a shot list so we are ready for your session.

As you know style of photography is very relaxed, candid and natural, as I feel the best images are taken when you are less aware of the camera. It will be such a fun session as we work together to capture all the images you would love for your business.

Preparing For Your Session

I understand that preparing for a branding session may feel quite daunting. I have listed some things below for you to consider which will help with your planning process so that you can come to your session feeling prepared and excited.

Pinterest and Instagram is a great tool for inspiration too, I have created an inspiration board here that you are welcome to view with some ideas for branding sessions here.

Brand Colours

Keep your brand colours in mind when planning for your session. We don’t need every location or outfit to match your brand colours but we do want to complement them.

Your Shot List

Make a list of the key images that you really need for example a head shot, a photo of you working on your laptop, hands holding notebook, a photo that has plenty of white space to the left for my website banner etc.

Also, consider if you need mostly portrait photos or landscape shots or if you want everything to be able to be cropped square as then I will shoot the photos in this way.


I would suggest having 4 outfit changes in total for our 2 hour session. Its great to have some variety in your outfit choices that really reflects what you do and who your target market is. I also suggest some ‘winter’ and ‘summer’ outfits so that we have great evergreen content that you can use year round. A change of outfit canalso just be a different jumper or top.


Have a think about the props you will use in your session and what is important.

For example, a notebook, laptop, coffee/teacup, magazines, books, phone, whatever feels right for your brand and how you want to come across in your brand photos..

Time Of Day

The light plays an integral part of our session and choosing the best time of day for your session is based on many factors. For example if we are going to be photographing outside then earlier morning and later afternoon would be best for light.

If we are photographing inside then we would select the time when the room has the most beautiful light for your session.

Hair & Makeup

With your hair and makeup its very much up to you if you are comfortable and happy to do this yourself or if you want to get someone in to do it for you.I can give you some recommendations for hair & makeup in the area if you would like me to.

Also consider your hair and how you can maybe style it slightly differently for some photos. If we are getting detailed photos of your hands then getting a manicure is always a great idea.

Choosing A Location

The location or locations we choose can really make a session. We are blessed in Sydney to have so many amazing locations from amazing beaches, to beautiful cafés and styled Airbnb spaces. We can also use your own home or office space. If you would like to use your home or office, its great for you to take some photos of the light at certain times of the day so we can choose the best time for your session based on the light.

If we are shooting outdoors, some areas lend themselves to sunrise or sunset session so if you have a particular location that you love we can organise the session timing to suit that location. We will work together to choose your ideal location/s.

What To Bring To Your Session...

Here is a list of things I recommend that you bring so that the session can run smoothly and so that you are feeling happy and relaxed....

  1. A neutral / coordinated brand colour picnic blanket for some of the seated portrait photos if we are working outside on the beach /park.
  2. Your props - notebook, phone, pen, book, coffee cup, laptop. etc., everything that tells your brand story.
  3. Outfits - I recommend at least 4 choices for a 2 hour session. You don't have to purchase outfits you can also hire and borrow to create the look you are going for.
  4. Your makeup and hairbrush in case you need to touch up your makeup/hair.
  5. Also bring any other objects that really tell your brand story for example that could be a surfboard, a picnic, champagne, a yoga mat etc.
  6. Your shot list that you will also have shared with me.


what happens if it rains?

I will be checking the weather forecast on the days running up to our session together. If the weather is due to be wet then we will of course postpone.

Sometimes the forecast is wrong, so it is great if we can leave it to a few hours before we make a final decision as often after a few hours of rain the most beautiful skies happen.

Can we postpone?

You are welcome to postpone your session up to 14 days prior. If you need to postpone due to illness or something serious which is out of your control then we of course will postpone at any time.


I recommend timing your arrival to be 10 mins before your session start time, so that you have some time to get ready and don’t feel rushed.

When can I excpect my photos?

After your session date, you will receive a preview within a few days and your draft edited gallery within 3 weeks.

Do You offer a rushed 'editing' service?

If I have the availability I can offer a ‘rushed’ priority service for an additional rush fee of $500 but it depends on my availability.


Your photos will be uploaded to a password protected online gallery where you can make favourite collections and also download your images at web size or high resolution.


Depending on the package you have selected you will receive a set number of photos from our session that you get to choose.

Can you organise hair &makeup?

Yes I work with a few hair & make up providers on the Northern Beaches which I am happy to recommend for you if you need this. Hair and makeup is not included in the fee.

How can I get in touch with you on the day?

You are welcome to call / message me on the day on 0419 588117 if you have any last minute questions or need any information.

Can you recommend a stylist to help me with my outfit choices?

Yes I know a few stylists who I am happy to recommend if you need additional help selecting outfits or styling.

See You At Your Session...

I can't wait to tell your story

I am so excited to capture some beautiful photos of you for your business. If you have any questions feel free to reach out by email or you are welcome to call me.

Thanks so much