How To Prepare For Your Couples Photography Session.

Your Love Story

Thank you so much for choosing me to be your photographer :-)

I am really excited to take some beautiful photographs of you and your partner and share your love story.

In this guide you will find all the details of what to expect, both from our session together and from the delivery of your images afterwards, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Your couples session will begin with me getting to know you both, your interests, and your unique personalities so we can capture your love story perfectly. I will send you a questionnaire to complete prior to the session, this just gives me all the details I need to get the most from our session together and also helps me focus the time we have on capturing the photos you will love.

My style of photography is very relaxed, candid and natural, as I feel the best images are taken when you are both less aware of the camera. It will be such a fun session as I watch you both together and capture your beautiful love story. But we of course, will get some more formal portraits for you as well.

I will help you during the session, suggesting natural prompts and things we can do together so that we can create the most natural and beautiful photographs for you all that you will treasure forever.

After your session, I will review you images and do a first round edit of your gallery ready for you to select your favourite images from our session together. Then once you have selected your favourites I will complete the final edits for you and upload them into your own password protected gallery.

What To Wear For Your Couples / Engagement / Love Story Session?

Selecting the outfits for your couples / engagement session can feel a little daunting, but don’t worry, this guide will help make the process a breeze. The most important thing is that you all feel comfortable and relaxed.

In general, you will get the most from your photography session if you choose a complementary style / colour palette for you both to wear. I don’t recommend all matching outfits exactly, its much better to use complementary outfit choices, but having said that you really can't go wrong with a neutral coloured dress and your partner in a white shirt / shorts.

Outfits are such personal choices, there is not a right or wrong answer here, its really what makes you all feel good, comfortable and relaxed. Have fun with it! Use Pinterest for some inspiration too

Your Outfit..

Start with your outfit first, as its much easier to coordinate the other outfit around this choice. The most important thing is to choose an outfit that makes you feel beautiful.

Dresses and skirts are always lovely for photography as the movement of the material creates some gorgeous photos when you twirl or the wind blows.

Choose some nice accessories that make you feel amazing such as earrings, rings and necklaces and a hat is always a great option too.

Don't worry about shoes, barefoot is almost always best for beach sessions.

Their Outfit...

Then move onto your partners outfit, a simple white t-shirt or shirt & chinos or neutral, navy, brown shorts is always an easy option.

I usually recommend not entirly matching each other, it always looks amazing when the outfits complement each other, rather than entirely match, but its such a personal preference, please do what's right for you.

What To Bring To A Your Session...

Here is a list of things I recommend that you bring so that the session can run smoothly and so that you are feeling happy and relaxed....

1. A neutral or coordinated picnic blanket for some of the seated portrait photos.

5. A towel/swimmers just in case we decide to go wild and have a dip during our session or capture photos in the water.

6. Also bring any other objects that really tell your love story, this could be a surfboard, a picnic, a piece of jewellery, any item that may be sentimental to you.

Should I Choose Sunrise Or Sunset?

The best time of day for outdoor sessions is either early morning or later afternoon in the ‘golden hour’. This is the 1 to 2 hours before sunset and after sunrise each day. The light at this time is beautifully soft and flattering and produces the most gorgeous photos.

The closer we can get towards sunset or sunrise the even better the light. Some locations work better for sunrise or sunset too, depending on where the sun sets in that location. I love photographing ‘back lit’, which means your back is to the sun, as this is the most flattering, so at sunset I photograph mostly along the beach or with the background of the sand dunes or the far end of the beach, where as sunrise I photograph with the background of the ocean.

Both sunrise and sunset are gorgeous and I just couldn't choose one, as both are beautiful for different reasons.

I recommend deciding on the most important factor in your session first, be the location that you want to photograph at or if you are morning or evening people, and then we can work back from there to decide if sunrise or sunset is better suited for your session.

See You At Your Session...

I can't wait to tell your story

I am so excited to capture some beautiful photos of you and your partner together. If you have any
questions feel free to reach out by email or you are welcome to call me.

Thanks so much