Outfit styling for your Northern Beaches

family beach session

Choosing the outfits for your family session on the beach can feel a little daunting, but don’t worry, this guide will help make the process a breeze.

The most important thing is that you all feel comfortable and relaxed. In general, you will get the most from your photography session if you choose a complementary style / colour palette for your family to wear. I don’t recommend all matching outfits exactly, its much better to use complementary outfit choices.

Outfits are such personal choices, there is not a right or wrong answer here, its really what makes you all feel good, comfortable and relaxed.

Have fun with it! Use pinterest for some inspiration too, I have created an inspiration board here that you are welcome to view here, where I save outfit ideas and colour palettes that I like.

Your outfit

Start with your outfit first, as its much easier to coordinate the other outfits around this choice.

The most important thing is to choose an outfit that makes you feel beautiful.

Dresses and skirts are always lovely for photography as the movement of the material creates some gorgeous photos when you twirl or the wind blows.

Choose some nice accessories that make you feel amazing such as earrings, rings and necklaces and a hat is always a great option as well.

Kids Outfits

Using the colours of your outfit, then

organise your child/children’s outfits. Select some colours from your outfit, to use in the children’s outfits, so that they compliment each other.

I recommend avoiding any logo T-shirt or T-shirt/shirt with very busy patterns as we want the focus to be on your children’s lovely faces , their expressions and their amazing eyes, so we don’t want to draw the focus away from their faces into a bold patterned shirt.

Logos also date the photos and I want the photos to be timeless for you.

If you have younger kids wearing dresses and nappies, its great to have a ‘nappy cover’ over the nappy so that we don’t get any photos of the nappy in show.

The most important thing is that your children feel comfortable and relaxed, so they can run around and move. Ist great to have a couple of layers in case they get cold/hot as want to ensure they feel happy and carefree.

I usually recommend not having everyone match each other, it always looks amazing when the outfits complement each other, rather than entirely match, but its such a personal preference and please feel free too choose what feels right for your family.

Other outfits

Then move onto any other outfits. If you

have a partner a simple white t-shirt or

shirts & chinos or neutral, navy, brown shorts is always an easy option.

I always recommend outfits that feel comfortable and relaxed so that you can all move easily and play with your kids.

Don't worry about shoes, we will most likely be on the beach so won't need them. Its also a gorgeous look when everyone is in bare feet.

Maternity Options

If you are looking for a maternity dress to

hire I can also recommend Mama Rentals

for beautiful dress hire and I also have a

small collection of maternity dresses you

can borrow from my client wardrobe.

Please fee; free to contact me if you would like to discuss the options in my client wardrobe.